My & her Paris

Every time i go back home since i moved to Sweden 4 years ago, i feel like i rediscover Paris all over again…even though we have our little rituals with my family, tradition we live by (Angelina’s hot chocolate, brunch…) and every time i tell myself i should have a list of all those places. This time i did. I asked my little sister for help since she kinda lives there. We’ll try to keep it updated.

Food and Drinks

  • Angelina – An amazing , charming and delicious “salon de thé” with the best hot chocolate ever called “L’Africain” – Tourists queue to get in but it’s worth it – They aslo offer breakfast and brunches which are good but quite pricy, and of course they have georgous “patisserie” with weird/dreamy names.
  • The best icecreams  are at Amorino
  • The brasserie on the top floor of the Printemps store is so lovely but a bit expensive, you can also just go up there to check out the dome.
  • If it’s Saturday and you’re craving for “lördagsgodis” check out Karamell  for Swedish Candies !!
  • Breakfast in America for a good old American brunch
  • Au pain quotidien for a DELICIOUS French brunch (bio), probably my favorite place to brunch – It’s not a buffet, it’s pretty tough to find brunch buffet in Paris but it feels like it – You can chose between 2 or 3 brunches and you get plenty of food and plenty of bread for “tartines” with a choice of delicious “home made” spread that are, i have to say, better than Nutella -Rue des archives and a little further in that street an amazing pearl store, and then on the left, Beaubourg.
  • Les coulisses for a really good French brunch
  • HD Diner for a good old American diner/milkshake
  • Asian restaurant Rue des Martyrs YOOM
  • Le loire dans la théière for the most amazing lemon pie
  • La chambre aux oiseaux really nice brunch (bio), nice atmosphere
  • Mme Sahwn for yummy thai food
  • Breakfast in America  – the name says it all
  • HD Diner –  if you wanna have diner with the Grease cast
  • Le bar du comptoir général – it’s pretty hard to explain that place, a “you had to be there” kind of place.

Brunch la Chambre aux oiseaux




  • the shakespeare and co bookstore is a place to see even if you don’t wanna buy english books. It is tiny and so so cute ! You can find so many used and new english books.
  • all kind of swedish stuff !!!
  • the Swedish institute in the Marais (great area) is a lovely place to check out for a “fika” and/or an exhibition – If you’re in Paris for “Midsommar” (mid June) make sure to pass by the Institute’s garden to experience a real Swedish Midsommar in the heart of Paris
  • another cool bookstore
  • Some fun stores with useless funny stuff to buy:
  • If like me and David Nicholls’ heroine from One day  you wonder “if what [you] believes to be a love of the written word is really just a fetish for stationery” then you should check out the second floor of the BHV. I could probably live there. Especially since the 3rd floor is “kitchenware”.
  • There is a cool store for baking/cooking lovers at the Saint Lazare train station called Du Bruit dans la Cuisine and selling all kinds of utensils you never know existed but will totally need as soon as you see them
  • Yes it’s here  – British food store
  • WHSmith – British book store ( not far from Angelina’s just saying…)

 museums and monuments and places and streets

  • the Muséed’Orsay and the Rodin Museum are my favorites
  • Trocadero (make sure you arrive by Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower it’s the best view)
  • the “quartier” latin
  • the japonese area rue st Anne by the opera
  • the Sacré Coeur where you can seat on the stairs and listen to one of the numerous singers performing live everday, while enjoying the view over Paris….
  • Rue des Martyr, one of my favorite street in Paris
  • Le pont des arts, my favorite bridge
  • Stop at Abbesses and go up to Sacré Coeur
  • Rue de la Roquette
  • Rue vieille du temple
  • Le Marais…
  • Area around rue des archives, Rue des rosiers
  • Around Canal Saint Martin in the 10th arrondissement (rue Bichat, quai de Valmy…)
  • Paris has a few “passage” left, paths from one street to another through a building transformed into a gallery with stores and even restaurants – Most of them are old and beautifully preserved  – Check out la Cour du Commerce de Saint André des Arts (6e), Passage Saint Anne (2e) or Passage des Panoramas (2e)

Please let me know what you think, i love to read you - N'hésitez pas à me laisser un ptit mot, j'adore vous lire !

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